The Unicorn Agenda

Yipee! I’ve written the last words of the rough draft of my latest fantasy book. Titled The Unicorn Agenda, it’s a detective story featuring private investigator Mickey Holmes. Mickey’s been around the block a few times and is good at his work. However, he does have a peculiar talent for seeing unicorns and elves, fantasy creaturesContinue reading “The Unicorn Agenda”

“Beam me up, Scotty”

I recently corresponded with a member of our local writers group about a standard science fiction device: the transporter. Bill, I have a bit of trivia (which you probably already know), regarding teleportation. It came from the book “Physics of the Impossible” I referred to in a previous email. The designers of the Star TrekContinue reading ““Beam me up, Scotty””

Where do I get my ideas?

April 24, 2015: Where do I get my ideas? I often use a sort of “bedtime-wandering” technique. While I’m trying to fall asleep, my mind wanders off in all sorts of directions. How do I keep from dwelling on the past day’s failures or tomorrow’s challenges? I wander off down the road to fantasy orContinue reading “Where do I get my ideas?”