Home Life

July, 2015 Update: 

Now that I’m retired, I have all the time in the world.

That’s a lie. I have been incredibly busy, and most of it is self inflicted.

I have finally gotten my Starship series out the door and up for sale on Kindle. It is two related, novelette-length stories about the distant future when humans have ventured to the stars. At the moment I am writing a third Starship story. This story takes place in the same world as the other two, but it is a prequel about the building of the first starship. While writing about future technology is fun, the real story is in the relationships between the people. This one includes a murder.

My King’s series of books are off to the copy editor. This will be a two-round process, but my goal is to have these three books finished and out in ebook form sometime around the first of the year. I’ve been posting draft versions of King’s Exile and King’s Dragon on WattPad, and I’ve gotten a great response. The whole project has been a great deal of work, but I’m excited about the end product. I think you will enjoy this fantasy adventure trilogy.

So what’s kept me so busy? First of all, I have had to integrate forty-some years of educational detritus into my already crowded home office. That sounds much more sophisticated than the reality of sorting through mounds of 90% trash moved back from my college office.

The other project is our new puppy. We now have a little blond Labrador retriever. At the moment, she is very labor intensive. Fortunately, she also takes frequent naps—the current nap just long enough to get this post finished.

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