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Dragons, space ships, and local history—oh, my! Where will my imagination wander next? You may find clues on this site.

I have been a writer for a long time—I just didn’t know it. As a professional educator, I spent years sharing my understanding of mathematics and science with my students. It turns out writing in many ways is like teaching.

When I taught, I worked to explain the subject in a way my audience understood. When challenged to do a history of our local community band, I discovered the fun of explaining things with the written word. Plus, I never experienced any of the interruptions of the regular classroom. (I never notice when my readers lay my books aside.)

I’ve always been a reader, an omnivorous one. Although I have read at least something in most genres, my taste in fiction has always leaned to science fiction and fantasy. Therefore, my fiction works have starships or dragons in them. I write what I like to read.

Come in and browse. This is a new effort. I am a novice at web design. Best selling authors can hire consultants and web developers. That is why, good readers, you will have to make do with my efforts.

Bill Culbertson


Fantasy adventures, science fiction tales, and more.


Odds and ends of writing, ideas, and other information you may find useful.


What I’m thinking and doing. It’s about writing, education, and living life.

Not all those who wander are lost.


And — not all who wonder are doing nothing. A lifetime of reading and vicarious adventures has given me an almost inexhaustible number of story ideas.

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