Kings Exile 

Young Dax is rightfully King Darius Ambegriff X of West Landly, but an evil plot forces him to flee for his life. He must live by his wits—alone in a world of danger. Soon Dax finds powerful allies, not the least of which is contained in the dragon’s egg he carries with him. “King’s Exile,” the first of three books, recounts Dax’s struggle to find a new life.


Dragons need fire to hatch… 

Figgeir appeared at his side, and Dax wrenched his eyes away from the growing fire. Cradled on a cushion in her arms, was his egg. Carefully Dax took it and felt the comforting flow of warmth in his hands. He smiled, no longer fearful. Although the egg seemed the same has it always had, it felt… he felt… He had two sets of sensations. He sensed the egg… was tight? Restricted. Confined. In his hands the egg was warm as always, but inside—was it the dragon?—it was chilled. The fire. The dragon—his dragon?—was cold. Frigid. The flames were warm.

Carrying the egg before him, he approached the burning wood. The flames roared up into the night in front of him driving a stream of sparks upwards into the darkness. He was warmer near the fire, but he still was chilled. He stepped closer.

“Fulfill your bond!”




King’s Dragon

 Twelve years ago, Dax, rightful king of West Landly was forced to flee into exile. Now he has become an expert warrior for hire. However, he has tired of commanding mercenaries in a series of regional skirmishes. Commandant Renshau had just the thing, an assignment as a political advisor. Dax relished the new challenge, but being a political advisor was more dangerous than he had thought—much more dangerous!


Dragons at war…

The rest was a confusion of impressions. The dust lit up with a blazing reddish-yellow glow followed by a monstrous roar. A wave of heat swept over them. They continued to ride for a few moments, but they encountered a drift of overthrown horses and riders. Captain Baffen signaled a halt. Once the drumbeat of their horses hooves were silent, he heard a cacophony of shrieks and screams from all around. Another great gout of fire swept towards them, and the roar drowned out the heart-rending cries for help. This time they saw the fire as it swept towards them. They were in a shallow depression below the level of the rest of the plain, and the searing heat from the inferno swept just over their heads like a beacon from left to right. They started forward again, but a great wind followed the fire. It swept the dust away as they came onto level ground. That was when they saw the dragon.




King’s Crown 

Dax has thwarted the Tharan’s attack on East Landly, but the kingdom is in turmoil. Dax can take the throne to save the kingdom and redeem the right to rule which was taken from him years ago. The answer is obvious, yet the complications—and dangers—are many. Dax’s destiny and the fates of two kingdoms hang in the balance of the exciting conclusion to King’s Exile, and King’s Dragon.


The future of two kingdoms…

For once there were no social niceties. After everyone was seated, Queen Layna arched her eyebrows and looked at Carmodi speculatively. “What is so important to bring you all here at this hour of the evening, Venjet?”

Carmodi fidgeted in his chair with excitement. “I have most wonderful news, your majesty. The succession problem is solved.”

The Queen blinked and opened her eyes wide. “Solved?” She turned her speculative gaze to Dax before looking back at Carmodi. “In what way?”

Carmodi turned to look at Dax as well. “It turns out General Daxdendraig has a royal connection!” Carmodi bounced on his chair and clasped his hands in front of him. “More than just a connection,” he went on excitedly. “His claim to the throne exceeds…” He paused because the Queen had gotten to her feet and walked past him. 

She reached out her hand towards Dax. “Dax,” she said in wondering tones. “The boy-king of West Landly?” She gently touched his cheek.