Thank you!


Many thanks to those of you who bought the preview edition of King's Exile on Kindle direct! The sales and feedback have been really encouraging. I'm really revved up to get the next stage of the editing process finished so I can get the whole series published. Watch this space for progress reports.

Developmental Revisions


I've just gone through the editor's comments on the second round of developmental editing on my King's series, and things are looking good. Not great, but good. There were still a few issues I needed to resolve. Now I'm off to go through the whole series from top to bottom again and make sure everything holds together. By summer I should have it ready for final copy editing. My goal is to have the whole series out sometime in the fall.

With no publicity or promotion, I put up the first-round edit of King's Exile on Kindle Direct for $.99—just to see what would happen. In less than two weeks, it sold well over 500 copies and got great reviews. Now that I know other people like it, I'm going to withdraw it until I have a more polished version ready. I want my published books to be as professional as possible. The books will be back!

Meanwhile, although I am back to work on the King's series, I'm thinking about more plot pieces for the fourth in the series, Dragon-Bound Thief. I'm off to a good start on it, but it needs a little more gestation. Now that I have put a foot in the water of self-publishing, I think I will put out some of my short stories. With a little more editing they should be ready to go.

The weather has been cooperating with my writing by keeping me cooped indoors. By spring I figure my shoulders will be broad and well muscled from all the snow I've been shoveling. (If I can write fantasy, I can certainly live it.) Our "spring" break (which starts three weeks before spring arrives) will give me a chance to do some serious writing.

Developmental Editing — Round 2


This week I received the files from a second round of developmental editing on my "KIng's" series of fantasy adventure books. I've been very pleased with the process because it gives me an independent, outside view of my writing. Insights from the first round allowed me to greatly improve my first draft by making it more tightly focused and giving more depth to the story. The whole process is producing a work which more closely follows the story in my head. This is exciting!

The down side is that I now face months more work going back through the stories to address any remaining issues. It is a long, slow process, but the result will be a more polished work. When will that finished work be available? Maybe by next year? I have to put that in the form of a question because I am uncertain. Since I am still employed full time, I write around the edges of my daily schedule. (In fact right now, I am writing this entry while I watch my students finish their first test of the semester.)

Now that I have the files back, I'm looking forward to diving into another round of revisions. I will keep you posted.

Progress on two fronts.


For several days now I've been working on my web site. My current project (mostly finished) is to put up files I use while teaching my mathematics classes. Students, and anyone else who is interested (he says optimistically), can access class materials for review—or,perish the thought, read ahead.

On the writing front, I have added a few pages to Dragon-Bound Thief. Chaif, the main character, has been robbing the homes of the top members of Silverdale's Brewers' Guild seeking revenge for what the Guild did to his father. During one of the burglaries, he discovers and bonds with a dragon's egg. A bond-mate to a dragon cannot lie. Chaif has to flee the city, and his plans for revenge seem hopeless. But, are they?

I have reached the point in the story where Chaif is discovered and has to leave behind his business and his life. However, he makes his first contact with the Dragon-Bound. As a group they are dedicated to bringing truth and justice to the kingdom of Landly, and Chaif has valuable knowledge and skills.

And, who is Symiss, a slave whose story unfolds in a series of interlude chapters?

Number 1


Like to know what is going on in my head? So would I sometimes. I have decided to share my current projects are and what is happening. Authors always have a number of projects in mind, in process, and even in actuality.


Today I posted the next to last part of Starship: Free Mars WattPadd ( ). This is a new story of the same world as in my earlier story, Starship

Writing-wise, I am working on a fourth book in my series about the Dragon-Bound. This is a fantasy series for which the first three books are still being edited. While all that shakes out, I got the inspiration for a new, follow-on story. The plot has not quite jelled yet, but I have the basic idea where I want to take this. 

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